• About Me

    Phillip Robert Blacksmith is a 73-year-old former golf caddy who enjoys travelling, recycling and theatre. He is loveable and brave, but can also be very greedy and a bit dull.

    He is American who defines himself as gay. He has a post-graduate degree in sports science. He is allergic to milk.

    Physically, Phillip is in good shape. He is very short with brown skin, brown hair and black eyes.

    He grew up in a middle class neighbourhood. His parents separated when he was small, but remained friends and provided a happy, stable home.

    He is currently in a relationship with Douglas Brandy Collins. Douglas is the same age as him and works as a journalist.

    Phillip has two children with late boyfriend Robyn: Macy aged 22 and Nathaniel aged 24.


    Phillip's best friend is a former golf caddy called Carson Bailey. They are inseparable. He also hangs around with a former golf caddy called Laila Allen. They enjoy binge-watching boxed sets together.